Introduction to Content Marketing: Content Marketing Guide

It is almost impossible for a business to thrive online without putting out information that is attractive and engaging to its potential customers. The human concentration span is continually taking a nosedive meaning marketers should put out content that is easy to understand. There are various forms of marketing and content marketing is one of them.

So what exactly is content marketing? Content marketing is the process of satisfying customers by giving high-quality information. It is a type of marketing that has user experience in mind. It involves putting out pieces of content that are relevant and precise.

Content marketing effort can be put in both entertainment and educational areas. This makes it a very important element in digital marketing.

Not having a good content marketing strategy is equivalent to having a car without an engine, it is pointless.

These marketing efforts can be in the form of text, graphics, images and even videos consistently to create a long-lasting relationship with them and establish loyalty.

A case study of John Deere who is considered as one of the people who used content marketing long before the buzz in 1865 to educate his customers goes to show content marketing has come a long way.

Neil Patel defines content marketing as a long-term strategy that focuses on building a strong relationship target audience. This is by giving them high-quality content that is very relevant to them consistently.

6 Unique Benefits of Content Marketing to e-commerce Sites

As much as we keep talking about content marketing, it is only fair we look at some of the benefits it brings along.

1.     It has a huge Return On Investment 

It is true that to be able to put good quality content requires a huge amount on investment and might tend to be quite expensive.

But this is a small price to pay compared to all the benefits a good content will bring to your business. Studies indicate that companies that invest in content marketing get 55% more site visit compared to those that don’t. Companies get up to 5X more leads if they incorporate a good content marketing plan.

2.     Boosts a business Google rank

It is not a secret that Google is the biggest search engine and your online business should have its presence on google because that is where most of your customers are searching. Having great content on your website is the best way to reach your customers and even be noticed by google.

When setting up a website, always ensure it is SEO friendly then implement a content marketing procedure to incorporate keywords on your site. These will your website becomes more visible on search engines.

3.     It helps a business stand out

A business that incorporates content marketing always stands out from one that does not. If your competitors are not using content marketing, then it is your turn to shine and if they are then beat them to it by having better content after identifying their strengths and weaknesses.

Statistics show that 84% of people expect brands to produce content that entertains, provides solutions and produces great experiences and events.

4.     It can be distributed in social media

Nowadays a lot, if not all businesses have a page on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and even Snapchat depending on the type of customers.

Social media marketing is here to stay. All these platforms allow you to link your content with a caption about it. This in return creates customer engagement and interaction across the platforms and lead to earning new customers and connections.

5.     Good Content leads to conversions

Good content needs to capture readers’ attention or customers’ attention. If it does this then, it should explain what a reader is supposed to do after liking your content.

One of the qualities of a good marketing strategy is that the content put should have a call-to-action. The call-to-action tells a potential customer what to do after reading or watching your content. This helps convert leads to customers which are considered as conversions.

6.     You are established as an Authority

Great and consistent content helps you get seen which in return makes you know to be an expert in a specific area or field.

In digital marketing, someone like Neil Patel is established as an authority. This is because he is consistent in his content and produces good quality content.

 This makes people trust his judgment and opinion which in return make them want to be his client. Once you are established as an authority, businesses will start linking to your site and mentioning you which will increase your conversions. 

These 6 advantages among others are the reason why most companies are now dedicating their efforts towards content marketing.

 Having known how content marketing will benefit your business, you may be wondering what the different types of content marketing are. Let us take a look.

Types of Content Marketing That Yield Benefits if Implemented

In order to be good at content marketing, you must create content in form of:

1.   Blog posts- Blogs have been in existence for quite some time. But to ensure you are doing it the right way, optimize it for SEO, have clear organized topics and keep your content relevant.

2.  Videos- As I stated earlier, peoples concentration span is low and therefore the content you need to put out should be engaging.

Video content and video marketing are a great way to achieve this and according to research by HubSpot, 54% of audiences want to see videos from brands they support. Videos from companies like Samsung and Doritos are known for their quality and preciseness.

3.  Memes- This form of content marketing is on the increase. People enjoy sharing a good laugh. Nowadays putting out content in the form of memes and GIFs is a trend and it is one of the cheapest content marketing types yet effective. Having aesthetically pleasing memes that are easily relatable and understandable can generate traffic to your site.

4.  Reviews and recommendation- Imagine logging into a business website and see reviews of people who have used the products and services and also logging into one without reviews. You tend to favour the one whose reviews you can see since it will have an authentic touch to it.

Adding customer reviews and recommendation to your site gives it a boost.

5.  Influencers- using people with a large following or authority to promote your business is a form of content marketing. Influencers help businesses reach potential customers on behalf of a business and create brand awareness.

This is a trend that has picked up at a very big pace and we can see companies like Fashion Nova investing in paying influencers to market their business. Even companies like Dettol use influencers to promote their business. Influencers help businesses gain customers which in return increases its revenue.

6.  Infographics- infographics are the heart of social media. This means putting out good quality graphics will give your business a big push. According to Stone Temple Consulting, tweets with graphics have a 65% chance of being retweeted than those without. Infographics can be used to explain a business concept and help people internalize and understand content such as numbers and statistics.

7.  Whitepaper- This is a guide that shows the issues and challenges the customers are facing and their solutions. This in return helps in making marketing decisions that are effective and long-lasting. This can be shown to customers to educate them about a specific problem and explain how the business plans to solve it. It makes customers get attracted to a business.

It would be unfair if we did not look at some tips that you can do to make content marketing more effective for your business.

Best Tips for Efficient Successful Content Marketing You Can Implement to Get High Performance

1.     Publish your most unique content and do it regularly- with competition being on the increase, your business needs to stand out and it is only possible if you put unique content. Your posts should be different from others and have a different touch to it.

Also being consistent makes your brand more trustworthy.

2.     Repurpose your content- have your content in different formats so that if some people in your audience do not enjoy reading blogs, they can watch the video or attended a webinar where you talk about the same thing in the blog. This will help every customer feel included and considered.

3.     Do not tell stories in all your content- content marketing includes storytelling. Storytelling is by far a very good form of attracting customer attention and resonating with them. But not all content goes well with stories and it is okay. You can attract customers without storytelling as sometimes a straight forward post is better and more effective.

4.     Use Keywords in your content- always use the necessary keywords as per the content you want to put out. This will boost your ranking in search engines and make it easier for people to notice you. Think of keywords you want to target before putting out a post

5.     Have data to show for your research-

In a world where people are less genuine, having solid data will give you a boost. Marketing research involves showing numbers and statistics.

 People love to see numbers and your sources and comparisons. This makes your business look more genuine.

6.     Use your brands’ voice- before putting out content; always ensure it is a reflection of your business. That it uses a tone that your business uses and that it reflects what your business stands for.

7.     Answer questions with your content- ensure the content you put out is quenching the thirst of your readers. Popular content answer the questions “How”, “When”, “Will”, “Can”, “Why”, “Who”, and “Which”.

Content marketing is crucial for the success of any online business. By having a content marketing plan that is relatable to your customers, and satisfies your customers will yield your business huge returns.

Quality content will make your users trust you more and follow up on your business goods and services. Having good quality content is a good easy way to make your business more discoverable to its customers.

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