My Experience Using A Project Management Tool As A Digital Marketer

Let’s face it. As digital marketers, we often need a tool that will allow us to collaboratively work with other content creators to produce great content.

Project management tools help different people in the organization come together. It helps provide a structured communication system between people.

 Communication is a MAJOR key especially when leading a team. Now more than ever, more companies are working remotely and when it comes to managing a team spread out in different continents, having a tool to manage tasks is essential. 

Employees working remotely

This means companies need great communication tools that will help them still collaborate the same way they would in offices.

Every year, poor communication costs small businesses with under 100 employees $420,000 and companies with over 100,000 employees over $62 million

Well, it’s because of this concern that project management tools came about as they allow people to interact and manage tasks more effectively and save money while at it.

 When I think of a project management tool, my mind immediately clicks to ClickUp! I genuinely don’t think I have used or heard an easier-to-use, reliable, and efficient tool that allows great management of tasks than ClickUp.

Why Do You Need A Project Management Tool

The correct question should be, why not use project management tools? As a digital marketer, here are the reasons why these tools are a necessity and not a luxury for me:

  1. It’s easy to find your tasks.

Some project management tools don’t clearly outline what tasks you have. I have been using ClickUp lately and I’ve noticed that you can quickly find and organize your activities with it. 

It follows a simple yet intuitive structure.

With it, you can see the documents shared with you, assigned to you, and your private documents. In this way, you are able to plan your work more effectively.

  1. Many Assignees

You know how you have a big task that you need to subdivide among members but want them to know they are all responsible for the task? ClickUp allows you to assign tasks to as many people as you want.

When you delegate the task, your team members get a notification in their emails letting them know about the task.

Collaborative effort

Once the task is done, you can delegate it to someone else who should take over. The delegation is flexible and you can change the responsibilities anytime.

  1. Sends task reminders

We can all be forgetful every now and then especially when we’re handling different responsibilities in an organization. And what better to jog your memory and your team members than with reminders?

Honestly, we all have busy schedules and now, during a time when remote working is the best way to work and stay safe, you will need constant reminders. Your colleagues and employees will need a tool that will constantly remind them of when their tasks are due! 

Not only can you create and schedule text reminders on ClickUp but you can also add attachments too! And if you have a forgetful team member, you can delegate a reminder to them too.

ClickUp takes care of it all, as it emails people when their tasks are due, even on the eve of their due dates.

This helps people be more aware and alert.

  4. You can prioritize your tasks

With ClickUp, you can decide on which are the most important. Based on the urgency, you can add a unique Priority Flag to each task.

5. Allows you to monitor

For me with Clickup, I can see the progress of tasks as they develop. One team member comes up with an idea, creates the copy for it, finds the right visuals, optimizes it, then completes the task. It helps me see all these stages.

This means anybody from a manager to an employee, as long as they have access to ClickUp, can know how far along a project is.

At a glance, you can see:

  • What others are working on
  • What tasks they’ve completed 
  • Who’s overloaded with work

6.  Allows Feedback

With ClickUp, you can directly add suggestions and criticism. It allows you to add comments directly on images, videos, and content. This is great as it allows you to give your opinion on someone’s work and ask for clarification where nec. 

7. Clickup is customer-centric

If you’re someone who enjoys an application that is always in constant improvement, then ClickUp is your ideal project management tool. It keeps getting better every time by providing new features, improvements, and enhancements based on what customers need. For instance, when I first started using it, I couldn’t add emojis easily to my copy but now it’s possible.

8. Time tracking

Being a digital marketer, I love knowing how much time I spend on tasks. This helps me schedule my workload effectively. 

Time tracking

ClickUp allows you to track how much time you spend on a specific task as long as you hit the time tracker button. 

In conclusion…

I can bet on ClickUp however I’m willing to sample other platforms. I just noticed how online task management tools such as have a very simplified way to task management with beautiful visuals.

ClickUp is a suitable tool of choice regardless of the size of the business and number of employees! As a digital marketer, I’m very keen on tools that allow me to enjoy the process of creating which ultimately makes my work more efficient.

If you’re conflicted and feel like trying something different than your usual, then you should consider ClickUp or! 

Once you start ClickUp, you realize that project management tools are actually key for anyone or a team that want to be productive!

Author: Ann K is a digital marketer at Digicurated who manages social media, article writing, and email marketing. In her free time, she enjoys finding inspirational art and spending time with her friends and family

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