How to get a long-term SEO strategy for Google to trust you

SEO Image Via Everything you need to know about SEO and Google
  • Keep user in mind
  • Align your goal with that of SEO
  • Produce quality content
  • Add to quality content information customers want to read.
  • External optimization
  • Improve on the speed it takes to access your page
  • Make your website compatible with all devices
  • Make your website easy for users to use and navigate

As many businesses are changing from the traditional marketing style to digital marketing, businesses need to get creative to increase their SEO rankings.

Google is the king of SEO and it pleases many businesses and marketers to rank high in content in it and generate traffic to their websites.

Google has 86.64% of desktop searches. People often turn to Google to seek answers. In other words, if your website is old-school but provides them the answers they need, they’ll go for it and your Google rankings will go higher.

I know you have probably heard of the importance of Search Engine Optimization as a marketing tool, but do you know how SEO works?

SEO is crucial for your business as it brings visibility to your website – this means that you generate more traffic to your site and increase the opportunity for conversions.

Getting a long-term SEO also plays a role in boosting brand awareness, creating relationships with potential prospects and it positions your business as an authority and a reliable specialist in your field.

Nothing just happens, things are caused to be by the implementation of tried and tested strategies. If you are looking to increase your rankings on Google ads then sip some coffee as I take you through how to get a long-term SEO strategy for Google to trust you.  

8 Tips for a long-term SEO strategy
Align your goal to that of SEO

A majority of search engines if not all strive to give their user the best experience they can have. If your website gives the best and right solutions for keyword searches, then Google will have confidence in your content and you will, in turn, rank at the top.

Keep your user in mind
User Frustration Image ViaProduce quality content

In a market where content is more than the population, one can fall into the trap of producing low-quality content. This strategy is bound to fail. One thing that makes you reliable is your ability to produce content that is of high quality.

Content is the vehicle that drives you to your target audience. Write content that is attractive to read, not just throwing keywords in there for sake of it.

High-quality content is one that actually offers solutions or information that the reader needs. It’s also one that’s easy to grasp and attractive. It has zero to no typos rich in keywords and offers relevant links to internal and external sites that customers can use.

You can utilize the use of images, memes, or GIFS to make your article desirable.

On one blog post shared by Google, they said having the right content that’s of a high grade is crucial for rankings and boosts traffic more than the user experience.

Add to quality content information customers want to read.

It’s one thing to write a good piece, but what’s the need if no one is interested? Write content that your buyer actually wants to read. This you can do by conducting keywords searches to gauge the demand of your audience.

Not only should your content be relevant to your audience but also be educational and still interesting. It also has to be shareable.

External optimization.

This is an off-page SEO optimization that occurs outside your site. The main strategy used here is backlink building.  Creating quality backlinks from outside sources back to your site informs Google that you are reliable and valuable.

Some of the backlink-building strategies include guest blogging, the creation of sharable quality infographics, and the use of influencer marketing in your content.

Improve on the speed it takes to access your page.

Once your page takes more than 3 seconds of loading speed, 53% of customers are bound to leave. The longer they wait the faster you lose potential customers. Load speed is one of the key measuring matrixes for Google. Therefore, ensure your website is fast.

Make your website compatible with all devices.

A majority of searches by customers are done on their mobile devices. That’s 60% of the searches. You have to ensure your website is compatible with a majority of devices to gain Google to trust your content.

To crown all that, make your website easy for users to use and navigate.

Make your site visible and easy to find.


As you implement these strategies, remember that SEO is long-term and requires patience to build. It is, therefore, important to make it a part of your everyday habits to build an SEO strategy that’s worth the wait.

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