7 reasons why you should build a home

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4.  Get a builder warranty

A builder warranty is taken by the developer for a new house, issues protection to the owner for ten years, and covers any defects found once the person moves in.

5. No mortgage costs

Opting to invest in building a house means you have a considerable amount saved up. Banks and lenders are usually hesitant in offering loans to individuals building new homes. Of course, the building process will take a considerable amount of your income, however, planning and saving up for it in advance work to your advantage.

6. Reduced risks

Cases of houses crumbling down because of poor construction have been on a rise. When you vet your builders, and your design, and oversee the construction process, you reduce this risk.

7.  Price control

When you oversee building your house, you get to monitor the sources of the material. This helps you control the pricing based on your budget and can quickly pay when convenient for you. This gives you a controlling factor as you determine the price of building a house vis a vis buying thus determining which option is cheaper based on your house design.

Bottom line

Building a house allows you to walk through the journey of what it entails and allows you to customize your house to your preference. Also, you get hands-on experience of the process as you’re overseeing allowing you to know the dos and don’ts. This experience is beneficial especially if you’re considering investing in properties in the future.

We foresee that in the future new building materials will emerge that will replace stone or concrete which are currently the main materials used. There will be cheaper yet durable building materials developed through innovation and technology. Already people are building container homes that look just as good as stone houses. Exciting times are indeed ahead and we should keep our eyes on the look out for this.

Perhaps you’re still not convinced about building a house from scratch and would rather buy a stand alone house that you can expand. Check out some of the best real estate houses for sale .

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