The Importance of Local SEO and How to Get the Best out of it

Before Google embraced local SEO when the “big boys” would set base at a particular residence, the presence of small businesses would start diminishing and even worse close. However, in 2010, when Google embraced the concept of local SEO, an equal equilibrium was set. So, what is local SEO and how do I get theContinue reading “The Importance of Local SEO and How to Get the Best out of it”

What is Social Media SEO?

Marketers have become more aware that for them to boost their brand, implying proper SEO strategies is a must. So how then do social media and SEO links? As the world is growing into a global market, marketers and business owners have then seen the need to integrate different marketing strategies. Social media SEO orContinue reading “What is Social Media SEO?”

How to get a long-term SEO strategy for Google to trust you

Everything you need to know about SEO and Google Keep user in mind Align your goal with that of SEO Produce quality content Add to quality content information customers want to read. External optimization Improve on the speed it takes to access your page Make your website compatible with all devices Make your website easyContinue reading “How to get a long-term SEO strategy for Google to trust you”

11 Digital Marketing Trends For 2022

If you asked me in 2019 if digital marketing would be among all the top priorities for businesses worldwide, my answer would be no. These innovative digital marketing trends for 2022 are among the top priorities for most business owners this year due to the pandemic experienced in 2020 and 2021 that had business owners sellContinue reading “11 Digital Marketing Trends For 2022”

Top Kenyan Influencers for Brands

Who is a brand influencer? A brand influencer is someone who impacts others to show an interest in your business by posting on social media or blogging about it. Usually, these are people with a specific following in a specific niche that they engage with regularly. There are different types of brand influencers such as celebrity influencers,Continue reading “Top Kenyan Influencers for Brands”

Top Fashion Influencers You Should Follow In 2021

The power of influencing with social media Who doesn’t love fashion? We all love to go online and look at the latest, hottest fashion trends. It may be on Instagram, YouTube, Vogue, GQ, and many other platforms. They all help us make the best decisions when we go out shopping for apparel. How much isContinue reading “Top Fashion Influencers You Should Follow In 2021”

6 Keys To Writing Authentic Content

Remember a time when you landed on a really good blog and the content shared was mesmerizing. How did you feel when that authentic content was something that you could really relate to? On the flip side, I know you have come across content that was indifferent and somewhat irrelevant to your needs. It isContinue reading “6 Keys To Writing Authentic Content”

Can you create animated videos?

We’re looking for a creative video editor to create a short animated video not longer than 3 minutes. The video is meant to creatively explain a simple process of how to get a discount by sharing content with friends. If this is something you can do, please send one sample of your best work andContinue reading “Can you create animated videos?”

My Experience Using A Project Management Tool As A Digital Marketer

Let’s face it. As digital marketers, we often need a tool that will allow us to collaboratively work with other content creators to produce great content. Project management tools help different people in the organization come together. It helps provide a structured communication system between people.  Communication is a MAJOR key especially when leading aContinue reading “My Experience Using A Project Management Tool As A Digital Marketer”

7 Things To Look For In A Content Marketing Agency

We’ve all heard the famous quote that content is king. The importance and crucial role of content in any business can never be overstated. Therefore hiring a content marketing agency if you don’t have a content specialist or team is key for your content marketing strategy to work for your business. Top Content Marketing AgenciesContinue reading “7 Things To Look For In A Content Marketing Agency”